ANDRES GUEVARA                               Tattoo Artist

                          ANDRES GUEVARA

                              Tattoo Artist

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Andres Guevara was born in Bogota, Colombia. Realizing that studying Psychology was not fulfilling him, he decided to instead pursue an apprenticeship tattooing at a shop in Bogota at the age of 20. Andres has been tattooing for 9 years and specializes in watercolor techniques and geometric style tattoos. Andres arrived in Miami in 2013 to be with his family and recently purchased Rosa Negra. 
Andres is a very laid back guy who enjoys surfing and drinking IPA's. He loves dogs, traveling. 
Instagram: @tattooando
                           SEBASTIAN GARCIA                                    Manager

                           SEBASTIAN GARCIA


Sebastian was Born in Bogota, Colombia. At a very young age, 21 years to be exact, Sebastian decided he wanted to be more adventurous and learn another language somewhere outside of Colombia. He packed his bags, left his family and friends and moved to Miami in 2012. His Family later joined him along with his esteemed brother Andres Guevara (Resident Tattoo Artist at Rosa Negra Tattoo). Sebastian is an Entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business administration. 
Sebastian is a friendly guy always willing to lend a helping hand. He loves all things music, and even plays the drums in his spare time. He enjoys dancing salsa and eating arequipe. 
Instagram: @zebgarcia
                           JHON RODRIGUEZ                                Tattoo Artist

                           JHON RODRIGUEZ

                               Tattoo Artist

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Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Jhon has been professionally tattooing for 21 years. Former owner of Rosa Negra Tattoo in the Wynwood area of Miami, he specializes in bold, clean lined tattoos, full color or black work. Animal tattoos are a favorite. An avid painter, he is available for commissions.
Currently working in Portland, Oregon, he will tattooing at Rosa Negra from time to time and we will announce it through our social media accounts.
Instagram: @jhonrodriguez
                              PEPE ACEVEDO                                 Tattoo Artist

                              PEPE ACEVEDO

                                Tattoo Artist

Pepe was born in the musical capital of Colombia, in Ibague. After many failures studying, in an attempt to experiment he began to paint on his friends’ skin with sharpie markers and realized he really love to do that, so he preceded to do it with needles as well, and realized he loved that even more.
He arrived to the States on January 2016 currently living in Miami, joining Rosa Negra tattoo’s family in May.  He loves art and travel, his bragging rights consist on never giving up and following your dreams.
“Behind everyone’s dreams there is an artist filling with color the path, eternal apprentice”
 Instagram: @xpepeacevedox