Wynwood Tattoo Shop 

Rosa Negra Tattoo

After owning one of the first tattoo shops in Bogota, Colombia for 16 years, Jhon moved to the US, with his wife, in 2012. Rosa Negra tattoo started in February 2015 by Jhon and Jodi Rodriguez, at the urging of their dear friends Hamlet and Rachel, of His & Hers Parlour. Recently opening their own barber shop  and salon, there was a vacant space available, right next door. The location right outside of Wynwood, was ideal and the lease was signed. 

They renovated, painted and designed the space all on their own. Searching at local thrift shops for an eclectic collection of furnishing that fit their style. The walls full of paintings by Jhon and from other tattooers collected over the years, plus the 90 gallon fish tank welcoming the client, makes this tattoo shop stand out from any other shop in the area. 

All your tattoo needs can be found under one roof in sunny Miami. We strive to make your tattooing experience exceptional in a comfortable setting! Come and see for yourself.